About Us

Our Story

Our Story

Naturals by Fougees Beauty is a line of natural skin care with a mission to provide excellent body care products made with high quality natural and organic ingredients that give visible and sustainable results without side effects. We are also an online retailer that provides one-stop shopping for women’s day to day essentials.

Naturals by Fougees Beauty started in 2019, Fougees Fashion was launched in 2017 and we have been growing steadily since then. We aim to restore, rejuvenate and build skin going down the lane of aging. We also do customise products for those craving to alter their skin tone. We are pioneers who believe in radical transformation of beauty without compromise. We provide authentic natural and botanical formulated product and high performance skin care product, irrespective of the colour. We are all about making sure our clients get that perfect glow they crave for.

We also sell amazing well sort out skin care products from other companies. These products have great reviews and wonderful skin benefits.

The Founder

Oluwakemi Adewale is passionate about fashion on a budget, beautiful flawless skin and healthy lifestyles.

Growing up with very dry flaky skin and hormonal issue made her really passionate about sourcing for healthy skincare solutions that will deliver visible results without damaging the skin. She was astounded to learn that, although the skin absorbs over 60% of what is placed on it, there were very few available healthy personal care products that worked well. She wanted to create meaningful change in the beauty industry that will help treat pigmentation, ache and dryness on the skin without the use of harmful chemicals. The goal is to share the knowledge by formulating amazing skin food.

Oluwakemi’s passion for designing started from a very early age. She stated making clothes for herself as a hobby which have now grown into a ready to wear fashion outlet. Majority of the designs are made with high quality Ankara fabric and all the other fabrics are all locally sourced in Nigeria.

Oluwakemi is a qualified Skin Care Formulator and she is the brain behind Naturals by Fougees Beauty. She is also a trained Creative Designer.

We aim at redefining and empowering individuals to achieve that flawless skin of their dreams the natural way.

We prioritise in quality, safety and efficiency of our products. Got any skincare issues? just want to glow? Grab our products and see your skin get better daily.

Oluwakemi Adewale, CEO